Azul is the type of person who is warm hearted to others but could also hurt others if needed to. She is one of a kind

She is the type of person who carefully chooses the people around her. Azul is one great friend that will always care for you.
by Leonxxx February 26, 2019
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Azul is a VERY hot and sexy asf. She loves to be fashionable and always look great. If you have her as a friend you are very lucky because she is a great friend, she is understanding, loving and always honest. She will always be there for you. All the boys are crazy for her. She is the type of girlfriend that LOVES to cuddle. She might be a hoe, but is always loyal.
I can’t believe I broke up with Azul, you’re lucky you are dating her!

Azul is the best of all friends!
by CuteDonut April 15, 2019
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Azul is a really gorgeous person and will always be there for you, she is really amazing and can be funny but mean. Other than that she is a really great person!!!
by Kingberto_007 October 2, 2015
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Azul is an amazing person who is there for people, she’s beautiful and is a great friend to be with. She’s talented, is amazing at singing and art Azul is an amazing girlfriend to be with she’s loyal and understanding loves and cares about you.
Is that azul 😍😍🤤
by Blueviolets1001 January 25, 2018
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A kind-ish person who loves dogs and is popular with kids who are younger or older than her. She is not popular with kids who are The same age as her. She's bad at dancing at singing yet likes to do it. She's always texting because she's usually bored. AND TAKES FOREVER ON HER HOMEWORK. Other than that she is always face timing random friends and is mean when she feels like it. Her boyfriend is Doug.
Azul is my spirit animal
by tocirpA_ulB April 8, 2017
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The best faking person in the world. He is so thicc, spicy, savage, Dievine and a philosopher. Chungus would be gelouse of how thicc he is. 🤩👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 What a memer
Oooooo what an Azul 👌🏽👌🏽☺️😵
by Azul February 27, 2019
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Azul is a great person but is very stupid at some times which is okay since shes a good friend. Shes very gullible but has a great personality. Shes mean when she wants to be. She loves cats/pussy. But shes lonely and a single pringle.
Azul is a yes person
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