Man pulls out womans tampon using his teeth then repeatedly shakes his head violently so blood is splattered onto his face resembling the war paint of an Aztec Warrior.
So, my friend was tellin me how he was at a party drunk and he did the Aztec Warrior with his girlfriend. Totally disgusting.
by JWR March 27, 2007
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These are warriors from the ancient times in mexico who posseses the ability to accomplish great physical feats. They are sound in body and mind. A modern example of such is exemplified in Jeremiah. This warrior can rip any humans spine out through their ass and not even try to.
Usually thier moto is "Fuck with us and well put you to rest cus we don't fuck around, disrespect me and its a must you die, don't give a fuck cus is smokin to the brain and im feelin high you wanna talk shit ese dont even try "
Holy shit jeremiah is a fuken aztec warrior.
by Quactemoc March 30, 2006
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n. slang for the male member peniscockdick, used by people of mexican descent
"bitch, lay down and get ready for my asztec warrior"
by Sr. Dick November 16, 2003
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Male person running around wearing nothing but some eagle or jaguar mask and swinging a lenght of wood with sharp pieces of obsidian in it.
No wonder the spanish beat the crap out of them.
Aztec Warrior: "Die Spanish pig!"
Spanish soldier: *BLAM* (kills aztec warrior dead)
by theGreenBunny May 23, 2003
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