A(Dude that doesn't cheat) smart,sexy,smooth,quirky guy who all the girls low key flirt with but he never figures out. He's the dude all of the guys wanna hang around because he's a great role model for academics (and a easy way for the girls to notice them).

Oh Yeah also Azir is The Best Man To Ever Walk This Earth and usually Black/African American
Girl 1: ooh look at Azir he's so cute
Girl 2: And smart
Girl 1: Who's that boy next to him
Girl 2: I don't know but he must be cool
by A-Money wit da hoodie January 15, 2017
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Azir is a pathological liar who thinks everyone around him is stupid enough to believe his lies.
Don't be an Azir
by Romathorlak December 19, 2018
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A retarded type guy with a small dick that likes to fuck him self
Random iconic person:Hey what's and azir

Another iconic person: you don't want to know
by Ohsoyouspamspam March 10, 2019
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