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Ayelen is a nice girl,when she wants to be. Ayelen is someone you would love to be around. Ayelen is funny,she's basically full of humor and she's gold. Ayelen is sexy,she's dreamy, she's beautiful,breath taking, you just can't simply describe how you feel for her. If you happen to ever have an Ayelen in your life consider yourself lucky. She's special, you should never ever let her go. She'll fill your life up with joy and turn it all around. If you ever have a chance with her don't ruin it you'll regret it so much. Once you let her go and then some while after you see her with another guy, man your heart will be shattered. You could've been the man that is so happy with her. Not to mention her eyes are beautiful, her beautiful hair is soft and always shining, her smile is treasure, between us her ass is great! When she smiles it's like a whole other world. Her smile makes you happy. She loves taking care of people. Ayelen is one of the greatest people you'll ever meet. Be glad you have one and if you don't im sorry but someone like her is hard to find. And you're really lucky you have her if you got her now your life is worth tons with her.
guy: whoa, is that Ayelen. I shouldn't have let her go. I could've been happy with her like he is now with her.

Guy's friend: i told you man. you never listened
by CherryCeila June 30, 2017
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