Ayako is a great friend and an amazing person !! She always puts others in front of her even when she’s hurt and cares for everyone. She’s an extremely social person and knows practically everyone. Sometimes she can be seen as naïve or annoying but she’ll still be there for you whenever you need her. Sometimes she needs help saying no, so give her a little push. She always has tea and sometimes it gets overwhelming (CHECK UP ON HER SHE HAS ISSUES THAT SHE MIGHT NOT TELL U ABOUT). She’s a gorgeous person too even though she doesn’t say so!! She values her friends and family so much and is passionate about what she loves. She’s also very determined so don’t get in the way when she wants something. She can be either the life of the party or the mom but she always has your back. If you have an Ayako in your life you’re lucky!!
Girl 1: omg is that Ayako
Girl 2: yeah she’s such a nice person and is friends with everyone!! We should go talk to her
Girl 1: that’s a good idea!!
*becomes best friends*
by AlGoretastic January 30, 2020
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If anonymous are hackers on steroids, then Ayako is fansubbers on LSD.
* Mantarni has joined #ayako
* Topic for #ayako is: Ayako " Sure is Ayako " edition | Homepage(...)
<Mantarni> what is the stupidest ayako topic edition you've ever seen? quick, I need it for something
<Nollog> current.
<Mantarni> ...
<Mantarni> the stupidest/funniest edition then
<Nollog> current.
by Mantarni October 11, 2008
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Generic name for that very pretty and petite little Japanese girl you often meet in Japan and other parts of the world who is really cute, bubbly, and fun to be around, but is so clueless and naive to any potential move you make on her that she is virtually unattainable. Although charming, bright-eyed, and slightly flirtatious, this girl typically friendzones pretty much every guy she meets.
Johnny thought it was a date, Ayako thought it was just a cool party.
by SuperSaiyanMonkey August 18, 2017
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A Cyn-in-training. Also ebil and likes quarters. A lot.
This is Ayako.
by Aya December 25, 2003
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The irc hangout place for weirdos like you and me. Fansubbing is what we do for the lulz.
Ayako IRC
<momotan> muffin is the only girl i'd kiss
<momotan> that's all =O
by Aoshimaro January 18, 2008
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a place where rodents party to the sunrise, a vagina that is filled with hot cheese
dude what the fuck is up with your ayako?, i was walking through the forest and ran into an ayako...it was some sweet shit
by bobsagget123 December 26, 2009
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