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A great frontman for the great rock band, Guns N' Fucking Roses. Unfortunately, he became a meglomaniac cunt who drove the rest of the band apart and replaced them with a bunch of nobodies. Having fallen far from his former greatness, he should be shot. Multiple times.
Cunt: 1) Vagina 2) A moron 3) Axl Rose post 1992
by Scondren March 09, 2005
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Axl Rose, possibly one of the most colorful frontman in the world. Widly known for his angry attidue and outragous antics, but his passion towards his music and his need for perfectionsism that tore the original band up.
Axl Rose, the only man who can sing high as a girl while still being the worlds biggest bad ass...
by Spencer M May 21, 2005
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The man who drove apart one of if not the greatest band of all time, becoming a power-hungry, self-centered imbecile. Released an album under Guns N' Roses despite the fact that it should have been called "Axl N' Friends" Named by some as "king of the douchebags"

See also: douchebag
Person 1: Hey did you hear the new Guns N' Roses album Axl Rose finally released, Chinease Democracy?

Person 2: What are you talking abo...Oh you mean the Axl N' Friends album. No, I didnt feel like listening to King Douchebag's shitty replacement for the greatest band of all time
by Chucktacular December 07, 2011
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The reason why Rock N Roll ain't for nice guys. he is the ultimate rock star, but as time moved on, he seemed to enjoy his house more than the rest of world. and getting him out of his malibu mansion ain't an easy job.
never the less and Rock N Roll god from the golden era of true rock... the world would be better with Axl putting out records and touring again.
by Johnny Knocksville May 10, 2004
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This dude who liked to wear headbands and leather pants, had an extremely high pitched voice, and claimed to get laid every night. Oh ya almost forgot, he was part of HUGE rock band with a guitarist that kicked a$$.
"Welcome to the jungle, won't you bring it to ya SH-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-KNEESS!!!!"

i can imitate axl rose....seth sucks(jk he's cool)
by GANJAMAN October 23, 2004
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A misunderstood genius and a front man for one of the greatest bands of all time: Guns N' Roses.
You may hate him, but he doesn't care.
by W.AR May 09, 2005
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