- It is an actual lifestyle, religion or study that can be easily obtained through a few simple steps:

1) being totally and undenyably awesome without trying to
2) continuously impressing others with your awesomeness
3) being your awesome self

Limitations might apply. One rule to follow: you must know Clark. If you don't know Clark, you are not awesome!
Awesomology (or awesomatics) occur when you are being totally awesome.

Side effects may include:

- knowing Clark
- uncontrollable laughter
- abs pain
- making fun of everything around you
- having a kick-ass time
- pointing out every silly thing around you
- randomness
- being awesome!
by Gulia-Shmulia October 21, 2009
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Awesome terminologies = Awesomologies

Derived from Barney Stinsons (from How I Met Your Mother) way to create new words, see possimpable
"It's about the awesome terminologies...
The awesomologies! :D"

"Friggin' Barney with his awesome terminologies"
"Don't you mean... His awesomologies?"
by Myschly February 09, 2009
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