Used when you're away from your desk, but haven't gone far - If someone needs you, they should come and find you.
Usually used if there is a chance that you might need to render assistance to someone in a hurry, and your reason for being away is flexible and not so important that you can't leave it or even cancel it altogether.
"I'm awailable - just getting a snack from the kitchen."
"They should still be in the building - they said they were awailable. Probably just chatting with a friend."
"I'm getting some lunch. Seeing as you have that important call, consider me awailable if you need assistance, and I'll come help you out. I'll be down the hall."
by Zodarian January 07, 2013
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determining the asian-ness in any word; how "asian" a word is; if something quickly becomes an option
"What's the 'awailability' for a June 18th move-in?"
by subpop June 17, 2008
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