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This school is one of a kind. Located in Avon, Ohio. Home of the eagles and stoners. You won’t find another wrestling team where the freshman are built like college seniors. Where the girls are always trying to hang out with the black people and stay updated on slang. Where you flick someone’s ear and that’s a 10-Day-Suspension waiting for you at the office. Ah yes, Avon High School. Where rich kids get pampered by their parents and sent to school in their own car bought by their mum and dad. Avon high School where jocks spend 40$ on water just to pass a drug test.
“Dude did you see that video of the girl and her dog?”
-“Yeah dude only at Avon High School would you see something like that.”
by (Avon High Senior) January 18, 2019
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an elite Ct high school famous for really bad football players, really good hockey players and sending lots of kids to ivy league schools. typical avon hockey boy has a beer in one hand a hot Simsbury or Farmington slut on the other, typical avon football player is too drunk or stoned to know if he's with a girl or a boy. avon girls can be found with short skirts tight tops trying to remember if they had there std check lately this std breeding ground famous for turned up collars, pink shirts, and Ab & fich clothes
Dude i'm like sooooooooooooo totaly wasted the avon high school fooball team like .........lets go to the hockey game
by AHS 06 Grad November 13, 2007
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A “four star” 9-12 grade high school located in Avon, Indiana. Overcrowded. Somewhat lame. About 12.9% of people found at AHS could be potentially cool. However, good mix of wannabes and posers. Decent amount of goths, Fairly large percentage of wiggers. Most other clicks are represented. Located in a town that used to be mainly rural; now an industrialized suburb. Although there are stores and other various shit everywhere, there’s nothing to do. Even though most will agree that the whole “mall” is pretty dumb, many Avon High Schoolers can often be found at the “Metropolis” in Plainfield (a neighboring town) particularly at the Rave (movie theatre, not a club) The considerably small amount of entertainment causes many AHS students to try very hard to be ghetto even though a large amount of them are actually hicks. There have been multiple accounts of sex in the bathroom. Although the football team kinda sucks, the band has won state championships seven years in a row, and this last year, came in second in nationals. They also have a little thing called The Avon Center Stage Performers (ACSP “drama club”) which is by far the best part of the school.
"Hey dude, where are you from?"
"Avon High School ."
"Oh....I hear your band's really awesome...and that you theatre program is the best in the you guys have a footbal team?"
"I dunno...I'm always in the cattle pen out back durring the games."
by Sou:P May 16, 2008
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