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Shitty adults who, after graduating high school, haven't done much (if anything) noteworthy in their lives. Instead, the only reason why they're remembered at all is for their esteemed social status in high school, which is sadly the only thing they'll ever be remembered for.
Dude: Hey, isn't that Nick Rodgers?
Dude 2: Who?
Dude: You know, Nick Rodgers from high school... he was our quarterback, Prom King, all that shit.
Dude 2: Oh yeah, that's right. Doesn't he work at that tire shop at the edge of town?
Dude: Yeah, why?
Dude 2: Well, see. He's high school famous. But we're not in high school anymore, now are we?
by Buster Badass April 28, 2012
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