A group of Marines that have the physical features of greek gods. Able to lift heavy objects unlike there inferior aviation counterparts. Pose a seroius health threat to any one who desicrates there creed or makes any attempt to sabotage there wings or comes within 5 feet of them. Known for producing sticky green tape and wraping up there victims in the form of mummys, then beating there legs. If you dispute this definition please visit your local Aviation Ordnance shop and file your complaint, IYAOYAS.
Have you seen LCpl smuckatellie? No, he went to ordnance to file a complaint yesterday.

Did you know Cpl Beltbuckle is trying to lat move to Aviation Ordnance!? He cant do that! One of the requirements is to be hung like a horse.

(PMO) Were looking for suspects on a complaint filed last night. What was the complaint? Well apparently someone stole all the beer from someones fridge in base housing then had sexual relations with multiple females in the persons garage. ooooooh, Ordnance shop is two doors down.
by IYAOYAS 1 July 29, 2010
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An extremely motivated Marine for no apparent reason. Can we found along coastal military bases. Ordnance Marines commonly have sexual relations with each other regardless of gender. Aviation Ordnance Marines are also known for blurting out terms like IYAOYAS during times of silence. Oddly 90% of Ordnance Marines did not want to be ordnance; they all wish they were Crash Fire Rescue (Fire Fighters). Also ordnance skills (basic counting with fingers) have no value outside of the military.
Did you see the sweet IYAOYAS tatoo Sgt Korn got on his forearm? It really looks sweet next to the rainbow. He's a motivated Aviation Ordnance Marine.
by Sgt Poop January 29, 2010
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