When there is beef between people and you're a bystander and you think the roast is going to go down and things are going to get worse you grab a friend for backup A.K.A your Fire Rescue.
'Finally, the Fire Rescue is here.'
by my ex-boyfriend August 9, 2016
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A fun game to play while urinating in a toilet/urinal.
where you pretend that your stream of pee is a fire hose and the water in the toilet or urinal is a forest that is on fire. usually more fun when drunk, as most things are.
Jim: i just drank almost a whole six pack and im ready to let the flood gates open.

Mine as well play "Forest fire rescue" while im in the john.

Jim's imagination: "were gonna need more back up if were gonna save those spider monkeys from this fire"

Jim: Ahhhh =)
by Spootybeaver113 May 4, 2011
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The Fire Company located in Spring Township, PA run by a bunch of paid fire fighter assholes that can't stand when non-fire fighters help them with their job. The fire police task-force (also known as flagger force) will continuously ruin your daily commute by dropping cones in your path then walking away. This will happen more on Route 222 and 422 due to continuous accidents and never ending PennDOT construction.
Friend 1: Dam that fuckin' fire police captain closed my road again.
Friend 2: Wow I tried to help the township of spring fire rescue services and they flipped me off in unison.
by 10258 August 9, 2018
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