The best show ever broadcasted on Nickelodeon.
The show is often thought to be anime,because the art style,even though the art style is Korean.The show's story style is a mixture of asian cultres,mostly Chinese.
Basically,the story is about a world where people can "bend" the 4 elements which separates the land in 4 nations:
-Water Tribes
-Air Temples
-Earth Kingdom
-Fire Nation
They were all living together in harmony.
However,everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked.
Only the Avatar,who can bend all 4 elements could have defeated the Fire Nation.But when the world needed him most,he vanished.
Hundred years have passed since.
Two 14 year old brother and sister,Sokka and Katara,have found a massive iceberg,which creates a giant ray of light,when Katara cracks it open.(The light signals Zuko,a Fire Nation warrior who is in a search to find the Avatar.)
Inside they find a boy with a flying bison.The boy turns out to be an airbender.
After the three returns to the South Water Tribe,Katara and Aang go penguin-sleding,stumbling into a Fire Navy ship.
Upon going into the ship Aang realizes he has been frozen in the iceberg for 100 years (the entire war)Later Aang aciddentally activates a booby trap,which signals Zuko.Later,Zuko comes to the South Water Tribe and asks Aang if he is the avatar.Since there is no other airbenders,the question is obviously yes.
Katara,Sokka and Aang's flying bison Appa manage to heelp Aang escape.
The rest of the show is about Katara and Sokka helping Aang to master all four elements to defeat the firelord.A lot of awesome characters are met,and some are added to the group.

TL;DR : The show is THE shit.It's one of the rare things that you can watch on Nick without getting a headache.It's totally worth watching and has a perfect storyline and a great mix between Romance,Action and Comedy.

Sadly it got ruined by a 2010 movie adaptation which includes horrible actors,horrible (the actors don't even match the characters)acting,whitewashing(the Fire Nation,who were the whitest in the movie,are indian,while Sokka and Katara ,who are a bit brown,are completely white).Also they missed an enormous ammount of Key-episodes,which are important to the later episodes (The sequel thankfully isn't going to be produced).Did I mention the production budget was 150 million dollars ,which is only 50 million less than Cameron's TITANIC!!!!!

"Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang. And although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone. But I believe Aang can save the world."
-Katara,Avatar : The Last Airbender Opening sequence
by Mislav383 October 5, 2013
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A cartoon series on Nickelodeon done in the style of a Korean animation (which is similar to anime-style) and centered in an ancient Asain-like world. The plot centers around a 12-year-old boy (the "Avatar") who is on a quest to master all four elements (air, water, earth, and fire) and save the world from a war started by the maleficent Fire Nation.
Ack, I'm missing Avatar: The Last Airbender, NOOOO!!
by Yami0204 January 3, 2006
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A:TLA is the last show on Nickelodeon that doesn't portray good and evil. Instead, the show portrays neutrality, flawed people, mistakes, and perspective. It was even stated on page 147 of the book written by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, Avatar: The Last Airbender - Art of the Animated Series.

Many "fans" are in unreasonable denial of this fact and continue to think A:TLA is simplistic.
"The fact that Hama was once friends with Katara's grandmother, Kanna, illustrated a core philosophy of the series: people aren't good or evil, but are either in balance or out of balance." - Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, Avatar: The Last Airbender - Art of the Animated Series, page 147.
by Anonymous1321612008 June 26, 2010
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the best show EVER on Nickelodeon. Yea, sometimes a little predictable but still great. Characters are awesome and and the whole plot and concept is great. Nick better stop airing new episodes of that mother-fuckin naked brothers and start airing the rest of avatar's season three. IT BEEN LIKE FOUR MONTHS ALREADY!
OMFG! when is Avatar: The Last Airbender gonna be on?
by a bored person March 16, 2008
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The greatest kids TV show ever made. Mistaken for an Anime TV show but it is just a cartoon with Asian characters. Young boy, Aang, trys to save the world. He lives in a would where people can manipulate or "bend" the elements. hence "airbender". Aang who is the avatar can bend all four elements(fire, earth, water, air) while a select few have the ability to bend the element of their nation. The symbolism, complex fighting styles, growth of characters, emotion, and much more make this the best nickelodeon television show created thus far.
1. Avatar the last airbender fans do not hate or "bash" Anime. Avatar fans just have an appreciation quality shows, and some Anime is extemely good.

2.most people who watch Avatar the last airbender are children or adults that know what good TV really is. If you would pull your head out of your ass for 5 min you might see that.

3. Yes i'm sure lots of people would love to fuck Katara. Shes hot! Just like you ^ I'm sure watch plenty of Anime porn and dream about fictional characters all the time.

4. Avatar teaches love, respect, and hard work. You can call me an avatard all you want but it is a great series.
by BigD54 October 13, 2009
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A story that centers around Aang (12), his friends Katara (14), Sokka, and later Toph (12).

Aang is the last airbender in the entire world. And he has been stuck in a block of ice for 100 years! When Katara, a waterbender, accidentally frees him from the ice, with her brother Sokka, Aang is faced with the realization that the world has changed for the worse in the past 100 years. In fact, there's a war going on, caused by the Fire Nation. As Aang travels around the world with his friends to master all the elements, will he be able to defeat the sadistic Fire Lord?
by pokemonships February 7, 2017
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An American animation show (not anime, like everyone seems to think) on Nickelodeon. Generally considered to be one of the better (if not best) efforts from any American production studio currently. Storyline involves the standard kids-saving-the-world shtick, with more than a few interesting twists on an old formula.
Avatar: The Last Airbender. It's a TV show.
by Waku January 3, 2006
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