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An excessively talkative blood elf priest that hangs out on the Oceanic Dath'Remar server in World of Warcraft. His reign of the general chat started in the Ghostlands and boiled over into Eversong Woods from time to time, but he's reported to be heading to Hillsbrad Foothills next, or talking up the trade channel in major cities. Blood elf mage Vykarii is his partner in crime and can usually be seen in the general chat with Avaric, or mentioned frequently through Av's whining about his friend's absence.

Avaric is commonly mistaken for other players with a similar name, but he is not associated with any of them. He is said to play as a higher-level gnome mage on the Alliance side of things, but is generally embarrassed by the relation and doesn't talk about it much.

Both Av and Vy, as they are commonly called, are unnaturally obsessed with the Knucklerot and Luzran wanted quest and will drop everything to come and help players in need of their bounty. Avaric is a master abomination tracker and will be able to find either of the ogres very quickly if needed. He often shouts out their location in general if he sees either fatty.

Ever flirtatious and friendly, Avaric has a large group of followers as well as haters. Regardless of how many people tell him to shut up, him and Vy seem to intend on broadening their popularity. They have a list of people they "worship" and shout out to as they log on and enter areas. Their worship criteria is odd and not hard to fit into, as their reasons range from quest-helpers to cool names to people who involve themselves in conversation. Overall, Avaric is very easy to befriend and will talk to anyone. He boasts that his "charm and dashing good looks" can win anyone's heart, and surprisingly enough, many current Avaric supporters have been morphed from past haters.
(1. General)(Avaric): HEY GHOSTLANDS? What's happenin'?
(1. General)(Vykarii): HAI GUYS
(1. General)(Teoutlowtorn): omg Av i love you
(1. General)(Amj): /hug /kiss /love /cuddle
(1. General)(Vvain): OMG party chat

or, an in-action example:

(1. General)(Avaric): Knuckles is heading into Windrunner now, if anyone's looking for him.
(1. General)(Vykarii): KNOCKLERUT AND LOZREN.
by Dar'Khan June 19, 2008
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