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Ava Grace is so sweet! She has bright blue eyes and the best personality. She has dirty blonde hair with natural highlights. She is very pretty and seems to attract guys wherever she goes. She is just so positive and caring that she attracts friends no matter where she goes. She has lots of friends in many different groups of people so she’s practically friends with everyone. She hangs out with different guys and girls and has a blast. She’s a natural athlete but only enjoys a few sports. She is extremely intelligent with almost all A’s. She gets scared easily but never backs down from a challenge. She is a comedian with a hilarious sense of humor. Ava Grace is a gorgeous girl.
Guy 1: Hey have you met Ava Grace?
Guy 2: Yeah she’s super cute!
by maria alvarez September 27, 2018
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Ava Grace is a very kind girl. She is friendly and outgoing to almost any person she meets. She is pretty average but fun to be around. She has bleach blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She wears her hair in a ponytail just to get it out of her way for the day ahead of her. Overall Ava Grace is a very passionate and worthy girl.
Have you met Ava Grace? She is so sweet, she seems to make friends wherever she goes!
by loco langston July 21, 2018
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Ava-grace is a blonde beauty with a face full of freckles, perfect blue ponds for eyes. She is a crazy lovable character with the loudest personality you've ever heard. She's not afraid to embarrass herself for a good laugh, Avas tends to attract Jannas and Rebeccas. Even though she can hold a grudge nobody can ever stay mad at her. Usually Avas are raised in large families with many birds, cats , dogs and her favorite horses.
Wow that Ava-grace is crazy

Oliver: Damn is that an Ava, cause she just tackled a dude
Jake: Back off man she's mine #readynotready

Ava: Hella no bi*ches Ima free woman
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by Janna123puppykitten November 02, 2017
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