A wonderful, amazing, beautiful, any other compliment any person can think of, woman. She has a smile that can light up any room and has the ability to make anyones day better. She is as beautiful as the sun is hot. Her personality, her physical appearance and the way she carries herself are all a display of utter beauty. She is smart, funny and makes everyone smile.
Autumn is an awesome person
by Keith_Cee August 18, 2016
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A girl who doubts herself but hates it when other people doubt themselves. She will care for you and usually will be taken granted for by usually a girl named Siera. Autumn is funny, daring, and smart. She will tell you when you're out of line. She has a best friend named Ashley that she will do ANYTHING for. Guys don't go after her as much as her friends but when they do, they don't stop trying. She helps her friends and doesn't care what people think. If you are an autumn screenshot and share this.
Ashley: I really like this guy...
by I love queen skylar September 03, 2017
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Autumn is genuinely an odd person. She is very caring and sweet! :) She loves to smile with her eyes! :D Generally Autumns are AWESOME!! Probably the coolest person you will ever meet!
Wow! Who is that?

Oh, that's Autumn!
by *ExtremeCouponer!!* October 18, 2011
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Autumn can be describe as a shy,not so confident,beautiful,sweethearted lady where everybody pushes her around.
She's always so hard on herself but,never on others.She's so sweet to others and always helpful.
Once you get to know her,you will love her.
Wow,she's such an Autumn?
by BringTheFries February 09, 2014
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Autumn is one beautiful girl. She knows where her loyalties lie and who she is. Someone who has met a girl named Autumn will never forget her. She is the best friend anyone could have. And is the nicest girl for life.
Girl 1: Autumn is my best friend!
Girl 2: She is such a good friend I know, right?
by BeYou:) May 18, 2018
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Me: Hey Autumn!
Autumn: Hi...I was just thinking of 1,000 ways to kill myself.....
by Was good biiiiiiitch October 29, 2019
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Autumn is a really sweet and probably the hottest and most stunning girly pull ever meet , Not to mention she has killer eyes, a huge ass and her thighs can make a guy go crazy. Autumn is kind to everyone, just don’t get on her bad side Thats a very dark side that you don’t want to pull out of her. She’s is not of the world, and hate People her age, she’s very mature even though she acts like a 8 year old at time. But that is just her nature. Autumns are very hard to understand, they have been through so much pain. And Knocking down there walls and seeing who they really are is very hard. Most people think autumns are rude and stuck up. But they are the complete opposite. Autumns don’t like to talk about the pain they are really in so they hide it with a smile. Autumns are the best people you will ever meet, and your very stupid to mis judge or deny your chance to get to know her.
Guy 1: Woah who’s that girl?

Guy 2: That’s autumn

Guy 1: oh she’s a freak

Guy 2: no, that’s one of the best and most stunning girls you’ll ever meet
by Crazyguy1010101 January 27, 2018
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