The couple that comes to visit a girl once a month for a week. Tom meaning Time Of Month. And Flo meaning flow. Yeah...maybe you'll get what I'm trying to imply.
Girl: Ughh Uncle Tom and Aunt Flo are here for the week...
Boy: Is that bad?
Girl: Well they give me cramps and make me yeah it's bad.
Boy: ...?
by Haygurl007 March 22, 2011
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The people that VISIT while I am on the rag.
Damn girl, I can't give it up tonight, Aunt Flo and Uncle Red are in town.
by Skillett March 31, 2004
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"Go get me aunt flo's cap and gown. Hurry!"

"A what?"

"A pad and tampon!!"
by Jerry's other kid January 11, 2014
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1. Strange little cubes of fudge available to impulse buyers at 7-elevens.

2. Enjoying the country fudge while your sister, mother, aunt, daughter, or niece is on her period. (See: Aunt Flo, Country Fudge)
Aunt Flo was visiting my sis last week so we all made some country fudge together. I like Aunt Flo's country fudge the best cause'n it's cherry flavored!
by T-diddy McCool November 9, 2006
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having sex while the female is on her menstrual cycle and then sticking your penis between her breasts.
Jim gave Sally an aunt flo's coney dog last night.
by Al Bogus May 28, 2009
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