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Wali of Allah
Custodian, protecter, helper
Friend of Allah.
A Saintly Muslim Beliver.
A person who first and foremost loves and is loved by Allah -

usually in a subtle non-obvious way.
A person who is in tune with The Infinite.
Constantly witnessing truth and remembering Allah.
A Muslim who is in a state of nearness to Allah.
A "Holy" muslim person.
"...the Aulia hide behind their human image..."
"...if you stay in the company of the Aulia then you may be given guidance, or be shown where to obtain guidance..."
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by Julina March 06, 2019
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aulia is a name made for the sweetest creatures in this world. this girl will most likely to be married to a guy called audric.
aulia loves audric wid buslim
by josh todd February 14, 2018
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