Aubrie is a beautiful name that is not a very common name. She is very caring but can get angry very fast. She gets annoyed really fast and can have a huge aditudde. She doesn't like talking to people and doesn't like to interact with other people uless they know them. She can be a very sad person and it is very hard to cheer her up. She is very spoiled when it comes to her hobbys. She has a creative mind. If you have a girlfriend as an Aubrie she will care about you deeply and if she falls in love with you she will stick to it. If you have a girlfriend that is an Aubrie and you break up with her she with be heart broken. How do I know this? ........because I am a Aubrie.
"Aubrie can we go out some time?"

"Umm...I'll think about it. But thanks for asking. Bye 🤗"
by Asweetperson June 19, 2018
A funny, random, pretty girl who is very shy at first, but a firecracker when you take the lid off. She trys to be a good friend, but she doesnt always succeed at doing so. Shes not the brightest kid in the class but her personality makes up for it. Shes a very picky person when it comes to just about everything. Shes very impatient and indecisive which isnt always easy. She enjoys the beach, camping, traveling, driving, and hanging out with friends.
I'm in love with Aubrie.
by Rosey bear September 4, 2010
is a REALLY HOT and fun to be with person, she makes an amazing girlfriend, too.
Hey man, what's up?
Nothing really, just staring at Aubrie.
Who's Aubrie? Woah,she's HOT!!
Yeah, did you not hear me say Aubrie?
by ImpendingRiot February 20, 2011
“aubrie is too awesome !”

awe i know dude”
by hahaheheh November 1, 2019
A great best friend, Aubri can switch from being funny to having heart-to-hearts. She's not irascible, and she's amazing. She's been through a lot and is damaged, but this only makes her who she is, and it's better that she is the way she is. Above all, she's forgiving. Aubri's are hard best friends to come accross, so when you do have the pleasure to befriend one, hold on to her, cuz it's worth it.
1. Aubri forgave me for one-finger death punching her in the lip.

2. Hopefully, Aubri will forgive me for ditching her on Friday.
by Casadilla Tossedsalad December 17, 2012
synonym for someone/something who is insanely awesome
Did you see that movie? It was so aubrie!!!
by jjayce October 19, 2010
Someone who is lovable, nerdy, and has a creepy stare to confuse people in surrounding cars.

Aubrie also can be found watching people from park benches and airports.

Aubrie tends to be the most beautiful girl in the world. (Sorry Meg Ryan, your name is not Aubrie).
"Dude, I think there is an Aubrie staring at me."
"I think you're right, but dang she is hot."
by photoaddict6 September 25, 2009