Atua isn't a fictional character *cough* Danganronpa fans *cough* Atua is normally referred to as a group of gods. Not to get it confused with the term Aitu which refers to spirits, or lesser gods. The term can refer to two major groups of entities, those who have never been human, and those who were once human.
"Atua is watching over us now"
by supremeleader.c0s March 1, 2021
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Atua is a godly being who trusts only Angie for being a the best human. Atua will not hesitate to destroy anyone who disagrees with them.
Kokichi, you are the opposite of Atua.”

by Atua November 29, 2019
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A real god but is also in the danganronpa franchise.

Atua are gods and basically the spirits of Polynesian people. Including Hawaiian and Maori people.
It also means strength (Atua give me strength) and power as well.

I basically have to know who Atua is since it's practically apart of my culture.
Angie: May Atua bless us all. UwU
Me: ok
by CasualNanan October 5, 2021
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kokichi, atua will not save you if you don’t shut up”
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