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A complete beast that all but conquered Rome. Widely known as the founder of Hungary. Also said to be hung like an Italian blue whale.
Random dude: I heard the word pimp was invented to describe Attila the Hun.
by nipmynuts December 25, 2010
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Much like Attila the Hun, the whole point of this sexual manoeuvre is to conquer her asshole, by spreading it as widely as you can. The conventional way is to do it with inanimate objects, not your body parts. You can use anything from a Fire extinguisher, to a common house lamp, to the hilt of a sword.
Caroline: Oh, I feel like I've been sacrificed to satan
Andrew: Why?
Caroline: My boyfriend was dominant and we did the Attila the Hun manoeuvre using two giant spoons
Andrew: You must have a pink sock the size of Australia!
by Adam Petersen January 16, 2015
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