An abundance of beautiful, barely-clothed women of easy repute.
Let's not get to the town-centre pubs till after nine because there will be much more atmosphere.

There's no atmosphere in that dive.

Man I lookin so gud I be fightin' off d atmosphere like a fish in d desert!
by Chris Peacock January 17, 2008
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Back in 2001, the Discovery Channel ran an advertisement where two people dressed up as meteors and discussed what they learned on the web site using intentionally bad acting. The commercial was pretty amusing.
Meteor A: Hello meteor.
Meteor B: Hello meteor.
Meteor A: Have you heard about the web site called
Meteor B: is my guidebook for life. I learned how to plant an herb garden, train my dog, and cure my dandruff.
Meteor A: I learned that most meteors burn up in earth's atmostphere . . . Ahh the atmosphere. Ahhh!
Meteor B: Ahh the atmosphere. Ahhhhh . . .
by Bob Cobb April 26, 2006
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A sudden change in mood from euphoric and positive to depressed and negative due to a certain event or information.
I was really happy, but then my bad mark caused an atmospheric reentry.
by ferd the real one October 31, 2007
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Someone that will suck the life out of a room full of generally happy people.
Commonly likened to an Atmosphere Vampire; they are fundamentally the same thing except the former does not bite!

An Atmosphere Vacuum is someone that in a conversation will have “apparently” done whatever you have done but better. A smug know-it-all with delusions of grandeur and other such narcissistic tendencies. The Atmosphere Vacuum is not happy unless interfering in other people’s business and is happiest when belittling others.

The Atmosphere Vacuum is dull, uninteresting, repetitive and completely unaware that they are hated due a lack of social awareness.

The presence of an Atmosphere Vacuum is likely to induce feelings of depression, anger, or mild nausea. Should be avoided at all costs.
"Look out everyone, Jackie is on her way !!! Every man for themselves"
Man what a atmosphere vacuum
by Alex5377 August 13, 2008
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n. The surrounding and local gases of a person's shit pipe typically worsened by poop farts yet not as smelly as a nigger.
Cotton picking Leroy saved up his anal atmosphere for that stupid porch monkey, spearchucking, chitlin eating, horse nig cracker luva DayDay since she nigger slobbed that fat grown niglet Antwaan.
by Sassy Dick September 17, 2009
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A really difficult series of undergraduate and an almost impossible series of graduate Meteorology courses where you are forced, against your will, to derive a lot of pointless shit. Avoid at all costs.

Syn: Succubus, Marriage, Graduate School, and any other thing that leaves the victim completely devoid of a life.
"Hey Ted, wanna hit the bars?

No I can't, I have Atmospheric Dynamics homework to do.

Didn't you do it last night?

Are you kidding me, that shit takes up about 4 hours of my night... EVERY NIGHT!

Sucks to be you Ted!"
by ihatedynamics March 15, 2011
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