One of my favorite hip hop duos. Say what you want about them being sell-outs or whatever, i don't disagree, but listen to their music and none of that has any importance. Emcee SLUG gives such raw, insightful lyrics and The DJ, Ant, gives great passion ion his beats, scratches and cuts, his music speaks for him. They get labeled as 'emo-hip hop' which is either a brilliant analyze or lazy comparisons. A great group, check them out if you want to hear great beats, and raw emotional lyrics.
'In the days of kings of queens I was a jesture, They treat me like a god, oh they treat me like a leper.
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Taking you on a celestial ride of funky beats and killa lyrics that sets them apart from any other rap duos or group. Atmosphere is by far one of the most original and best hip hop groups in a loooooong time.
by KubrickStyle March 26, 2005
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A rap group that consists of Ant and Slug. Slug is the emcee of the group. The group is known for having among the largest female followings in hip-hop.
Though many are big fans of Atmosphere I really don't care that much for their music. Slug is talented but I have always been a bigger supporter of the hardcore and political rap scenes.
by hasafienda January 08, 2005
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"Dude, like don't you think that the atmosphere is basically just one giant earth condom"
"Bro......That's so true"
by p-swizzla March 17, 2016
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A rap group that originated in Minneapolis. Created one of the greatest rap albums ever with "God Loves Ugly" ,a deep album that sported sick beats and lyrical genius by Slug.

Atmosphere has now gone mainstream and sucks ass, recently hitting an all-time low by doing a song with Rob Zombie.

Fuck you Atmosphere, you fucking sell-outs
Atmosphere used to be the sickest thing in Minnesota, but those pussies went mainstream.
by ghetto b February 26, 2005
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An abundance of beautiful, barely-clothed women of easy repute.
Let's not get to the town-centre pubs till after nine because there will be much more atmosphere.

There's no atmosphere in that dive.

Man I lookin so gud I be fightin' off d atmosphere like a fish in d desert!
by Chris Peacock January 17, 2008
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