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A hip-hop group, with lead man Slug (Sean Daley) and producer ANT. Used to also include Spawn (Derek Turner) but he left the group following the album Overcast!

Slug is known not so much for his lyrical ability or wordplay but more for his fearlessness to bare his soul to the world and express what he truly feels inside. He has that rare quality in man that is said often but rarely true.

Slug puts so much emotion into nearly every song you can hear him almost bursting to tell you every word. He is self-obsessed, but this is a good thing; it helps him further vocalize his words and meanings.
"I want to scream, "Fuck you", Lucy
But the problem is I love you, Lucy
So instead I'ma finish my drink and have another
And reminisce about how you used to be my lover.

And everyone in his life would mistake it as love..."
-Fuck You Lucy, by Atmosphere
by A fan of hip-hop July 12, 2006
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