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A girl that will have a major glo up and will look like a queen! Be careful around Atia she is far more dangerous than she looks! She is loyal to her friends but, trusts no one. She has a thing for European guys and once she loves you, she's a keeper ;)
Omg I need an Atia in my life!
by Atia June 12, 2018
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1. A female name which means a gift from someone, generally from God.

2. A derogatory slang used generally in a demeaning way or while making fun.
I dont trust her, she is so very Atia.
by Rohan Ramachandran August 29, 2008
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Atia, The Surname Of An Egyptian God, But not any god, THE BLOW-SHIT-UP GOD! He is the master of explosives and fire!

Guy1:Hey Atia, Could you blow this shit up for me please?
by MyHouseIsOrange!1!! September 07, 2009
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