A disease which primarily affects the human male. It occurs after a session of unprotected sex (30mins+) whereby the males penis, if left unwashed for several hours, becomes irritated and itchy due to the combination of friction and deposits of vaginal/anal secretion.
Augustus: Hey Roger, you know you've really handed it to her when you get an athletes cock for the rest of the day!

Roger: Yes!
by Benny_Pish March 27, 2009
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when a penis is so chapped from wearing a gurdle and from penis exposure to cold air, it becomes extremely dry and skin cracks, it also contains extreme pain and vaseline will help, but add to the pain. DO NOT attempt to jack off or there will be extreme consiquences
dude john got athlete's cock and he tried to jack off, now his dick is raw
by The Health Inspector September 27, 2006
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Fungus on a penis that is the result of jerking off into a dirty sock.
I had Madden rub Tinactin on my athlete's cock.

Argh my athlete's cock itches.
by BOOOM! September 24, 2009
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