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Also, a way of basterdizing words by adding a z sound to the end of ass employed by those who lack the creative talent themself
Fooass - FooasZ
Asscake - AsZcake
by mrT July 28, 2003
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Aszcake is a word entirely different from 'asscake'. Similar to 'asscake', it represents people considered by the rest of society to be either lazy, weird, or Thomas. It, however, is not used just to describe fat, nonsensical people, but rather, it is also used to describe the members of the Aszcake Society. People truly are not 'aszcakes' until they join the aszcake society (Note: The proper spelling is 'aszcake', and not 'asscake').
Sundeep is founder of the Aszcake Society.

George W. Bush is an aszcake.

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