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Astha will be your extrovert friend who'll be the most bubblish in the group. She'll speak to everyone and all would love her presence. Astha has a cheerful personality but deep down she is very ambitious. She works hard for her goals, loves her family and is an ideal mix of family and friends.

Girls named astha are also very dominating and have high self respect but they're really caring and loving if they feel for you.

You're lucky to have her in your life.
Astha is my best friend as she has all the good quality a human should posess.
by God's plan June 15, 2019
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So cute. Usually an Astha is LOUD. She usually makes jokes about being slapped by a sandal and wants to make refrences to more indian things but goes to a white school. Astha's are badass and strong.
Did you see Astha's dance last night? Yeah, she's so cool!
by yesgooddoggo June 22, 2017
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Amazing girl who deserves so much respect for what she does. Respects everyone’s opinion, a bit shy but one of the cutest girls with the best personality.
Boy: You are dating an Astha?
Boy 2: Yeahh I’m lucky πŸ˜‰
by She thought it was rented March 21, 2018
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A beautiful girl with light hair. Often reflecting the past, she questions the future. Change isn't something she wants but is something she needs.
by singl May 21, 2021
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