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Any one of a number of heinously outdated colloquialisms; their rhetorical power lies in their deplorable ability to frustrate or incite hilarity. Upon utterance, a speaker will likely generate the following behavioral, cerebral, or emotional responses:
1) Externalized disgust (behavioral)
2) Debilitating brain aneurisms (cerebral)
3) Crushing submission (emotional)
They should be avoided in day-to-day vernacular, and hopefully eventually removed from English nomenclature.
Various Asterisms:
Alas (conjunction)
Up a crick (prepositional phrase)
Circle the wagons (verb)
Po-dunk (adjective)
MMMMMkay (declarative)
Cotton-picking (adjective {racial})
By golly (declarative)
Gosh darn (defamatory)
Rats (declarative)
Hippity-hoppity (crack whore)
Gung-ho (adjective)
The list goes on...
by drizzake & co. April 23, 2008
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