the opposite of a disaster in a feeling form
You receive free candy for a year, and you are feeling the aster.
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Aster is the best person you will ever met in your entire life. They may be a little hard to get them to like you but when they do it's worth it. Aster is extremely loyal and is never afraid to defend you with everything they have. They are the type of person that no matter how much you're in the wrong they will always say you're in the right. if you met an aster never let them or you'll regret it
by Penguin teeth March 30, 2022
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Fred: My day sucks.
John: Really? I'm loving today, it's been aster.
by JSpades February 10, 2011
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the most amazing human being to ever exist, he is so perfect, the coolest and the kindest person you’ll ever meet, you can fall in love with him at first sight and it’s humanly impossible to hate or dislike aster
Aster is so hot broo

by dainegamimg69 November 27, 2021
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This is a diversion method used in public restrooms. While on the toilet seat one uses both feets to tap-dance like Fred Aster, which acts like a noise camouflage/diversion. google boy fresko fat
In shame at the john's, having some fresko fat's, I has to do an aster to cover the noise.
by Marky Mark October 7, 2003
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If like is the oppisite of dislike, then aster is the opposite of disaster. In extension, asterous is the opposite disasterous.

So basically: great, awesome, working well
Robin: Batman, your taking out the Joker was asterous.

Batman: Stop mangling the English language, kid.
by Avaricious Altruist November 27, 2012
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Oppostite of disaster. When something goes right instead of wrong.
Miss Martian: "Superboy! Are you OK?"
Superboy: "Fine; feeling the aster..."
by NinKen94 February 7, 2011
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