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A common reference to the City of Ashland, Oregon, by people residing in the neighboring communities.

Reasons for this pseudonym vary, but but are believed to be related to the following rationale:

1) Assland is on the end of the valley, and it's a pain in the ass to travel there.

2) The town is known to be composed of an ultra-progressive, Socialist group of Baby Boomer Assholes who will rumble with pipes and chains over removal of a tree from their neighbor's property.

3) Various residents of Assland enjoy parading through town, streaking, or bike riding naked, thus your chances of viewing some unwanted Ass are high when you enter the City Limits.

4) Assland is the only community in Southern Oregon to ASSess a meals tax.
The Socialist Republic of Assland is located on the I-5 Corridor, just north of the Oregon/California border.
by The Dude from the Valley August 04, 2011
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Usually a liar. She puts her boyfriend before everyone else, and has intercourse everyday. And doesnt realize they will be broken up by a few months. Trys to get with every guy possible and thinks that it makes her cooler. Pretends that she doesnt care about what people think about her, but she does. Lives in a fantasy world. And acts like the world revolves around her, while everyone laughs at how pathetic she is. Has many diseases. The fakest of the fake and doesnt brush her teeth.
God! What a slut! Thats something an Assland would do!
by showdemdimondsss August 03, 2009
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