Ellena was a bit too fat for me to bang, but I flipped her over and pulled an asshands on her.
by tdelano April 8, 2009
n) A condition caused by digging ones hands into feces or by actually sticking one's hands into an ass. (n) A person who has done either of these things.
I got asshands trying to get that cow shit out of my dog's mouth.

Dammit. Asshands is here. Hide the good bathroom soap.
by Jackpott September 6, 2020
The past tense description of having your ass handed to you.

Frequently used in spofo, a sports forum on craigslist, or its' evil twisted product of incest step sister: forum 1006
Dude, you just got asshanded, AGAIN.

Well, we asshanded the "Trifecta" yet again today, you can tell when he starts posting more and more.

Why does Inshannityboi keep telling me I'm asshanded, when all I said was hello?
by trollertroller June 11, 2011