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A small natural casing hot dog served only in Rhode Island in a certain way. Most of the time the Weiner meat grade is not good enough to sell in other states, but who cares? They taste fantastic.
The "hot dog" (weiner) is placed on a hot dog bun or preferably roll (New England Style Hot Dog rolls, hard to find outside of, you guessed it!...New England), then smothered in a meat sauce (most places guard their sauce's recipe, and they DO differ from joint to joint), topped with chopped white onion and mustard.
The best late night I'm so drunk i shouldn't be driving sober the fuck up meal that exists in this reality.
Most of the places that serve them have New York System in the name, or describe them as New York System...even though the weiner itself and the way it's served has absolutely NOTHING to do with New York.
Also called Gaggers, or more correctly in RI, "Gaggahs".
A fantastic delicious gastro-intestinal experience one MUST try if ever in Rhode Island.
Holy shit! That guy just ate twelve weiners like it was nuthin!
by trollertroller June 11, 2011

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The past tense description of having your ass handed to you.

Frequently used in spofo, a sports forum on craigslist, or its' evil twisted product of incest step sister: forum 1006
Dude, you just got asshanded, AGAIN.

Well, we asshanded the "Trifecta" yet again today, you can tell when he starts posting more and more.

Why does Inshannityboi keep telling me I'm asshanded, when all I said was hello?
by trollertroller June 11, 2011

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