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A ferret that crawls into your anus, making a home for itself amongst your shit.
Person1: Dude, did you see that assferret go up Tim's rectum?
Person 2: Yea man, I had nightmares for a week!
Person 3: Idk, kinda turned me on.
by MattDamon66 April 11, 2011
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1. An autocorrect fail word.
2. A donkey-ferret hybrid
3. An annoying and stupid person
Scenario 1- texting on iPhones
Mom - Can't wait to see you tomorrow! Don't forget the assferret candies for the goodybags!
Girl-Assferret? I know we talked about ASSORTED candies. Call me if the goodybags have changed. LOL

Scenario 2-
Dude 1 - Hey, did you see that weird looking assferret?
Dude 2 - Yeah! It's so big!

Scenario 3-
Dude 1 - Dale is such an assferret. I hope he dies
Dude 2 - I know! I've wanted to stab his ass so many times
by I be trollin' today May 14, 2011
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The agry mischievous creature that burrows deep within your lower colon, causing much discomfort and kicking out a lot of loose debris.

AKA Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
I must've picked up that The Stand virus cuz that damned ass ferret is doing his step aerobics today...
by Olive Thomas July 10, 2005
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