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A terd so big and mean it rips your ass on the way out then growls back at you from the toilet water.
My anus was just ruined by an assbear.
by Ross and Chiu May 10, 2005
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1. A douche bag

2. A flaming homosexual

3. A bear coming out of your ass
1. That ass bear stole my money! imma fuck him up!

2. TJ: Man, Josh is such an ass bear, he came onto me yesterday
Josh: WTF you say bitch?
TJ: what? when i say somethin? dont kill me....
Josh: thats what i thought ass bear

3:That ass bear scared the shit out of me... i was takin a shit, and it growled... and it was furry...
by TJ and Josh make up a word February 16, 2010
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You gotta go hard and you are holding it inside you for a long time, and finally you finda toilet, go in, sit down, and expect that wave of relief to shudder through you... but you only let one HUGE one rip.

And your anus burns for hours after that.
To see for yourself, eat all of this within 12 hours, sleep for the remaining twelve, and hold it inside for another two.
1) Vegetables of cabbages and peas
2) Chili
3) Ice-cream
4) Grapes
5) Mangoes without milk
6) More chili
by Aditya MJ May 15, 2005
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the shit left over after u wipe ur ass. It will eventually cause a canserous tumor on ur left testicle and cause u to piss out a purplish ooze and give u cravings of FLESH and humens fetus'.
Hey man, u better get that ass bear checked out.
by Jesse Werk May 08, 2005
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