(noun) the lower part of an overweight person's back, resembling an ass, with its own crack and everything. An extra ass, above the belt, on the back.
That dude needs to put his shirt back on, 'cause I can't stop staring at his ass back.
by lance_w_c September 09, 2008
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n. a position in any competitive sport
usually applied to the team fuck up
a.k.a. leftout a.k.a. benchwarmer
Little Johnny, the team fuck up, plays assback. When he gets up to get on the field the coach yells, "Get your <ass back> here!"
by Derek Harringtong December 17, 2006
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Someone who sits on the bench all game.
Player: Hey Coach can I play football?
Player 2: Damn nigga your an assback
by Gozzy September 30, 2006
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v1: To have won after having performed a series of insults. To show dominance in having won an argument to the opposition. Similar in use to "pwned".
v2: The use of moving the butt in a sexually provocative motion after having bent down. Often used in consensus with grinding and used by woman as a dating tactic to draw focus to the general buttox area.
n: The meeting of the ass and back, but not quite the lower back.
v1: Ajin: I know I'm not in a relationship now, but there are plenty of fish in the lake.
Suman: Ajin, how come you have a lake, but most girls have a sea? (In this context Suman has assbacked Ajin)
v2: Zoe has a tendancy to walk ahead of people and pretend to drop items so she can assback them and seek attention to her buttox.
n: Suman repeatedly kicks Ajin's assback upon cue via remix to the words in the song "Smack That", with the word "Assback".
by S B March 02, 2007
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word used to save you seat if you must get up. The standard rule of use with this word is that it only lasts 5 minutes. After that time, the seat is open to anyone.
by Jvon726 January 23, 2007
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something said when in a large group of friends, when you get out of your seat to take a wiz or something, you say that and make sure everyone hears it. It is the law - laws were made to be upheld. If one of your friends do, in-turn, steal your seat, you have allright to kick that mother fucker in the shins.
"Im gonna take a wiz; (pointing at chair:) ASS BACKS!"
by HP Fizzle Fats March 12, 2004
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