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When someone has received too much ass sex or hard toilet visits and has had a prolapse of the rectum, they will need something to keep the prolapse warm, this is an ass sock.
Marcus took it way too many times in the ass bro, he had an ass prolapse and now wears an ass sock to keep it warm from the pain.
by Spacewine September 25, 2010
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An absorbent sock inserted between the buttocks when experiencing severe diarrhoea. Traditionally used for nocturnal purposes when rectum control may accidentally lapse briefly. It may also be employed during the day when consciously attempting to pass wind but where one is unsure of resulting discharge.
I would have pissy shitted the bed if I didn't have my ass sock in.
by DrTim May 30, 2007
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a sock removed from ones foot that is put under the water in a sink until moist, and then used to wipe ones ass.usualy in the woods or when there is no tp.
wife: john! what the hell i found this wet ass sock behind the toilet and it smells like shit!
husband: oh there was no tp left sorry i forgot to pick it up
wife: well i guess im just going to throw it away i guess you dont want to wear dirty socks and im not putting it in with the wash..
husband: no no ill wear it again
by william john March 06, 2008
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