A phrase used to add to the effect of the word used before. A word is used to describe someone and then ass bitch is said after to the the insult
Guy 1: "fuck you pussy ass bitch"
Guy 2: "ouch"
by 2010s teenager June 18, 2016
A guy who really knows how to fuck a butthole he usually fucks a bitch
Lady: Gawwd your a real ass bitch dude


Lady:oh my god Thank you so much though

Guy: fuck yeah anytime
by Bod23 April 4, 2019
Someone, a man or woman, who is bitchy because they have something permanently stuck up there ass
So and So is being an ass bitch today, he/she must have sat on a broom this morning
by Santi El Magnifico June 26, 2005
1. a guy who is both an asshole and a bitch
2. a guy who often has anal sex forced upon him
(insert name here), you are such and ass bitch.
by friend of the assbitch June 12, 2004