A game between two individuals, where you pass ones fecal matter between anus holes. First to drop the dump loses. Kind of like a dirty slinky!
Hey coty I'm bored, want to play ass pass?
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by ickes5492 May 16, 2016
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When a person new to snowboarding or skiing passes faster than an experienced person, sliding on their ass, as a result of falling.

To move faster than someone on your butt. Commonly seen or experienced while snowboarding or skiing.
While snowboarding in the back country, I thought I saw a Honey badger chasing me out of the corner of my eye, but it was just Tony ass-passing me.
by Bataleonist January 19, 2012
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When one is too tired,drunk or physically unable to do the "wild thang".
"Oh imma sooo sharry baybee,I thank imma tuuu drunk to spunk...mebbe tamarra I'll feel better,buut fer now I gonna have tamaka ass pass".
by L8R January 03, 2005
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What you get on your birthday because your wife's vajaja is so blown out from years of pounding and squeezing out little shitheads.
Bob: what did you get for your birthday?
Joe: my wife gave me an ass pass last night.
Bob: did you use it?
Joe: naw, we had Mexican for lunch and she was resistant.
by Bobwashere January 21, 2013
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When you're in alcohol\drug Rehab and you have been there TOO long, you can get a 24hr. or 36hr. pass on weekends. So, which kinda crack you gonna get?
Hey,Girl, this Friday will be my 13th day here so I'll get my first "Ass Pass" this weekend! I'm so excited! My boyfriend is driving up to see me and we're staying at the Motel 8 across the street.
by EnerolD December 27, 2009
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