Dragging a piece of bread in the butter container instead of using a knife like civilized people
Dude, dont ass drag in my butter
by fuzzy moldy potato September 26, 2015
The name for the condition in which the rear shocks on a car collapse, causing the rear end to be permantly bottomed out.
This car has been condemned due to ass drag.
by A-Web December 16, 2005
Also known as power sliding. It is the front wheel drive version of drifting.
He's ass dragging his car on the road.
by LOL RICE September 21, 2005
A real grueling, boring, tiring, and tedious task or situation. Derived from the phrase "draggin'(g) ass".
I hate this class. It's such an ass-drag.
by RDS December 2, 2005
a lazy person. slow person
that dude is a drag ass
by Anonymous September 3, 2003
being very tired and slow,
guy1:dude we need to get some coffee or redbull
guy 2: yeah man i'm dragging ass pretty bad

after that party last night i'm dragging ass
by christopha' September 10, 2008
Slow as hell!! Usually after a night of drinking!

Old people that act like everyday is Sunday!
Quit draggin ass... Get up the damn road!

Damn you dragging ass today.
by BootyM December 19, 2011