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An insult or jab to be used toward a friend while in a debate. The meaning is ambiguous due to the juxtaposition of the words ass and daddy which seem to have little connection. Therein lies the point - to confuse and fluster the insultee causing hesitation, a break in concentration hopefully leading to a loss of, or general end to, the debate. Most effective when several friends are having a go at one stubborn or egotistic buddy.
Friend 1: This camp is not that important, you don't need to inflate your position as a councilor to the point everyone hates you. Stop budding in on everything like you run the place.
Friend 2: This camp is extremely important for development and it is critical that everything is managed properly and by the book
Friend 1, 3 and 4: Ass Daddy
Friend 2: *silence*
by takasb January 13, 2017
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