The lowest quality of a person, place or thing.

A carry-over from a Simpsons episode in which Lisa wants to purchase an Ikea knock-off, and Marge says "why don't you get this instead?" Lisa replies, "but Mooom, that's Klooge Brand. Pupla is way better!" So therefore, if Pupla is the best brand, Klooge would be second, ergo, Ass Brand would be the worst.
She stole my sale, that bitch is sooo Ass Brand!
by JoJo July 21, 2004
An ass-brand is a permanent burn made by a hot branding iron on a guy's boy-buns.
Some other cadets stopped by our room last night, got stoned and later starting about putting an ass-brand on my boy-butt! I went to bed fully-clothed and pulled the cover over my head until they left!
by USAF Cadet February 4, 2021
niggas that just dont look right in the public
nigga 1: look at that off brand ass nigga

nigga 2: bahahahhahahaha
by reggie mcfly January 27, 2011