A beautiful girl who is absolutely breathtaking, the definition of beauty. If you're lucky enough to meet her keep her in your life. She is perfect but doesn't know it as is really cute when she's mad. She would make a perfect girlfriend and has the most amazing personality. She is an amazing person and deserves the world. She is really funny and badass most of the time. If you ever meet an Ashlin, keep her by your side. She may seem really nice but has jokes that can kill. It's best to stay on her good side. She means the world to everyone and words could never express how much she means to people.
Dude: That girl is awesome!
Dude2: She's an Ashlin duh!
by Eclipsa Lodge December 15, 2018
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Ashlin is so pretty, she's athletic and smart to. Most of all the guys love her. Ashlin is so kind to she will do anything for anybody. She would climb over mountains and through a tank of sharks for you. She is very lovable to with all of her funny side. She can make anyone laugh. Ashlin is a great person, she is always determined to. She is a daredevil that just never quits, she will do anything. Except for nasty things because ashlin is a total Christian! Ashlin is a great person in general, she's usually popular and has many friends because she can hold on to any friendship.
I wish I was ashlin.
by Sally Mae December 22, 2016
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She's a girl that you want to be. She the cool girl. Shes gorgeous, kind, amazing, great, the best, and she can play mellophone. Ashlin is the girl kids look up to and want to be when they are her age. She's the kind of person people get upset about when she leaves. Ashlin is a great person and a wonderful role model. Ashlin is hero
Dude look at Ashlin she's so cool m
by Wow.look.at.me.go October 24, 2018
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a girl with a different style (uggs, shorts, and a tank with a hoodie) a great sense of humor, is a sexy beast, very flirtacious and guy friendly;always wearin lip gloss; you can trust her with anything except boys cause she boy crazy! also very loving and loves the word boo. She cant stand a complsive liar or a hater but she lets stuff roll off her back. Plus she has a big booty!(:
DANNGGGG! I wanna smack on that fine ashlin with her glossy lips and levis!!!
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An Ashlin is a girl everyone loves. She makes everyone happy without even trying. She is pretty, cool, amazing, and over all perfect. If you are lucky enough to have her as a best friend or girlfriend don’t blow because she is a one of a kind person. She is the best❤️
Ashlin is my best friend your jealous she’s not yours
by Seven147 April 29, 2019
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Ashlin is a really introverted guy who loves to play Video Games. There is a slight chance that he is bisexual or gay. If you become close friends with an Ashlin, he is going to start the apocalypse. His favorite location is the toilet. In his spare time, he takes care of a fake Yoshi egg that he hopes will hatch one day soon.
Guy 1: Dude, I saw you talking to Ashlin. Whats that about?
Guy 2: Oh, it's nothing. I'm friends with him now. Not a bad dude.
Guy 1: Dude! What the fuck! You just started the apocalypse!
Guy 2: Oh shi-
by justabird November 21, 2019
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Ashlin is a pretty cool guy. Usually very tall and has probably had a summer fling. 100% chance that he probably is into 5 different people at the same time, but he's not a bad guy and will stick with who he chooses. He probably is rich but acts like he isn't.
Girl 1: "Omg, did you see Ashlin? He bought that girl airpods and then bough the other one an iPhone 11."
Girl 2: "Heard he's gay."
by dickcheese42069standonaldtrump November 21, 2019
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