To be extreme at anything. Or for something to be extreme.
Shouldn't really be said around chicks.
I was pissed 'as a cunt' last night, old mate.
Those bikkies make me messy 'as a cunt'.
Joe was fucked 'as a cunt' after shooting up smack.
Lund was angry 'as a cunt' after Remus condemned Maths.
Anthony Mundine is hard 'as a cunt'.
Bob got fucked 'as a cunt' when some gangsta's rolled him.
by Diego November 25, 2003
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Used when expressing someone of particular bad taste.
Often gets you thrown out of Pizza Express/numerous pizzeria.
cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt!
by Total_bloody_ledge March 31, 2015
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Ann Coulter, a self proclaimed bigot, who is everything that is wrong with America. It is people like her that stop real progress and change in America while spreading lies and hate.
Son: "Hey dad, what are you reading"

Dad: "...Slander, by Ann Coulter"

Son: "No! Dad, not that cunted cunt!"
by birkenstock wearing treehugger November 22, 2009
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One whom is not merely a cunt, but a cunting cunt.
Why is it that all chavs are cunting cunts?
by Mr x March 21, 2004
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When the guy is such a big cunt that you have to say it twice.
Spiro i cant believe you scored that shit goal in fifa. malaka

This cunts a cunt.....
by Billyg March 2, 2012
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