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A level of complete and utter inebriation only attainable by those who serve in the United States Army and by consuming large amounts of alcohol. Most likely to occur during squad initiation, post deployment parties, deployment, boredom.

Origin- comes from the slogan"There's strong, and them there's Army-Strong!" Popular belief by soldiers is that only soldiers can party as hard as soldiers do, therefore the Army's new slogan was changed(not officially) to "There's drunk, and then there's Army drunk!"

Symptoms- Memory loss, inability to walk in a straight line, loud cadence calling, no recollection of the past 24 hrs, an increase in confidence followed by fighting, AWOL, inexplicable crying, marriage, accidental discharge, discovering strange and sometimes illegal objects in you room, loss of sex-appeal, waking up next to naked fat girls, waking up with inexplicable pain, soreness, cuts, bruises, marks, tattoos, etc., waking up in unfamiliar places(motor-pools, weapons-pool, Impact Areas, Qualifying ranges, NCOIC's room, woods etc.), Article-15's .
The last game of pong was brutal but after we killed that handle of crown I was officially "Army-drunk."

I think i threw up a stapler, I'm never getting "Army-drunk"again!

I think we shot my girlfriends cat through the wall with the vacuum cleaner last night, lets hold back on the "Army-drunk" tonight.

When you wake up after getting "Army-drunk" you don't get a hangover, you're just drunk.
by artyluv_07 July 26, 2010
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