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An arcade-style mecha fighting game where you pit custom buitl robots against opponents for the PS series of consoles.

Great game spanning soon to be all 4 of Sony's PlayStation consoles. Although initially it would appear none of the American versions had online, you could tunnel into Master of Arena and Nexus to get online. In my opinion the best game series for the Playstation line of consoles.

It had several infamous villans, including (but not limited to) Nineball, Stinger, and Leos Klein.

If you can find it, get it. It's hard at first, but the more you play, the more fun it gets.
"Target verified! Commencing hostilities!"-Nineball, "ultimate" variant

"What the... i'm losing!? impossible! I'm burning! Phantasma. I'm dieing!" -Stinger

"We all make mistakes, don't you think, Raven? We humans need strict supervison; we cannot live on our own. A state devoted solely to ravens... I'm a realist, not some fool! All that I've wanted to do was to revive the ways of old... Die rebel!" -Leos Klein
by Megamatt1337 July 10, 2005
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Armored Core is a arcade-style mecha-simulation game. The multi-mission format is based on the "blow up teh stuff!" priciple that in itself is definitive of the Armored Core series. Armored Core among it's cult following is known as an engaging customization based game, with a vast potential curbed mostly by an obtuse control-scheme, poor localization decisions (lack of online functionality), and startling gameplay imbalances. Nonetheless, the series is on its 8th iteration, with the 9th in development.
Player 1: My Armored Core R0x0rz j00!

Player 2: No fool, 008 and SRFL70 and MG800 pwnz0rz all over you!

Player 1: Nuh-unh, I blow up teh stuff!

Player 2: w00t! Me t00!
by anon June 16, 2004
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A series of games that involve Mech (NEXT) action. The pilots of the NEXTS are called LINX or LYNX. There are many games for the Playstation 1, 2, and 3, whilst there are only 2 games for the Xbox360 (Armored Core 4, Armored Core: For Answer)
I, myself have had fun memories of using one cannon in AC2 that shot mini Sol Dios Orbital cannons into the air, I can never recall the name of it. There was also the best Laser Rifle in the games that has been in all the games since AC2, it's called Canopus, My favorite company is actually Rayleonard but my favorite craft is White Glint (LineArk's Version). There was also this one mission on Armored Core: Last Raven where someone says "Let's fight, raven, we'll settle this in battle." I may have forgot who said this but it was a historical moment that me and my brother made a joke of. there was one AC that was my favorite from AC:FA and AC4, it was the Prototype NEXT from the mission Seed A Barren Earth on AC4, and on Destroy the Eireghnberg Anti-Satellite Cannons on hard. I've always wanted to be that.
by Zarksurua (Brony) August 06, 2011
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