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Spawned out of the harbor area (CA)- Armistice has played boat loads of shows all around southern california since their formation in '90 and recorded several recordings to date. Inspite of member changes Armistice has stuck together and still pump out "100% paws in the air punk rock". Armistice currently resides in the harbor area and promises to record an LP very soon. Armistice has become very synonymous with winnie the pooh. It is used in almost all of their logos and is definatly a armistice trademark. Current members are as followed: Fumes= drums, Norman=guitar, Kevin= bass. They are a kick ass band(P-beat legends) and definatly worth checking out:
Armistice releases:
Demo 1991
Marrionettes Demo 1993
Radioactive Demo 1994
So Much Friendlier With Peace 1995
100% Paws In The Air Demo 1996
Endless Struggle 1997
Split With Flux Of Disorder 1998
Split With Ciril 2000
Fluff & Stuff 2005
...+ armistice was on what seems like a million different comps throughout the years.
by Miss Emily October 29, 2007
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