Perfection. The hottest of the hot, Arlies are so gorgeous that you may just get hard saying the name. We have yet to find any flaws, could be considered the name of most amazing and wonderful person you will ever meet. usually have nice butts too
Girl: Hey jacob, dude that chic has got to be an Arlie
Guy: Oh shit
Girl: Dude what the hell is wrong with your pants...oh sorry
by Unknown44764 December 21, 2008
Amazing girl , very flirty usually tall. Makes you her world. Cute and smart, experienced. Shes very loving. Sarcastic and funny she will make your day ninty percent of the time. Sweet and nice but.. Get on her bad side she'll make your life a living hell.
An Arly can do wierd things with her fingers and hands!
She might be confusing and sending wrong signals sometimes. But when she likes someone she'll fall hard.
Everybody should know an arly!
Youre flirting like an Arly!
by grrr1414 November 29, 2011
An amazingly beautiful girl who forgets how to walk downstairs or trips on air
Hahaha you tripped on air your such an arly
by Idididitarly February 18, 2017
Arly is the best person in the world, she is always a bad ass and can kick ass when people are mean to her ,and she can talk shit, also she is very sassy . When she likes someone she is always confident to talk to him and she is very hot.
Be more like arly not more like audri .
OMG i love arly so much.
by lizet gutierez October 24, 2015
The most amazing person to have in your life.Very beautiful and usually tall.She can be very nice and loving to the one's who are close to her, there's many sides to her since she keeps herself hidden.She can be fun to be around but don't get on her bad side.She can get distracted easily and forget things.When she likes someone she falls hard for them and tries to do anything to get to see them.When you get to know an Arly make sure you keep her on your side or you'll regret it.
Arly is the best person to have as a friend.
by Jsnd.1 March 23, 2019
Arlis is a person who is very intelligent and is very good at explaining things. Arlis is definitely a talker. Arlis also is a very caring person and will give people more chances than they deserve. He is always there for you when you need him and is very understanding unless he is mad. He is so smart and good achieving goals. He is good at saving money and making people happy. Arlis is the best person you could have in your life. Arlis is a very honest person and it is impossible to not love Arlis. Arlis is too attractive and has too many girls liking him. So whoever Arlis' girlfriend is, always thinks that other girls interfere and is very jealous even though she has arlis. She is scared to lose Arlis because he is the most amazing person in the world and if you don't know an arlis then you are missing out on knowing the greatest person to ever walk this earth. Many people look up to arlis.
That guy is such an arlis.
by imasister December 22, 2013
The coolest chick ever, down to earth, kind and chill. Long dark hair with dark almond shaped eyes. Pretty - toned - Sharp features are the top three things about her.
She’s so cool- she’s such an Arli
by Savebrightside September 8, 2021