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Meaning:He who has a great whiteness
His name is Argenis
by ahmrocks May 25, 2009
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One of the best guys you will ever meet.

Seriously though, he’ll either be a Leo or a Cancer but either way he’ll still be the best. Probably better than you.
His hair? Beautiful, his style? Fashionable
He’s sense of humor? The funniest
He can sing, dance, edit, he’s probably the most talentless person you’ll ever meet.

He makes all the girls- not even. He makes EVERYBODY go ZOOOOO WEEEE MAMA

One of the best friends you’ll ever have. He’s a keeper. Don’t ever lose him, you’ll regret it.
Lola: omg i saw a guy at Five Guys, he was soo cute. His hair was beautiful and curly and his eyes were a dashing honey brown.

Jackie: Really? Damn he must be an Argenis
Jorge: yo! Check out this dudes Instagram, he does sick edits and he can sing!

Xavier: yeah it’s nice but he’s a Leo, so nevermind..
by Ntrsgmbno November 21, 2018
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