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(beastius arcanus)
Usually seen among the millions of people running around in Halo 3, the Arcane Beast can be distinguished by the purple stripes and patches it has strewn across its gray body and the large, sword-shaped protrusion on its back. The Arcane Beast, though usually a docile creature, may become aggravated and attack if provoked. (Common provocation methods include, but are not limited to, talking crap about his mother, teabagging and posting things on the internet to intentionally mess with him.)
1. Crikey, it's an Arcane Beast!
2. I heard Arcane Beast's mom is (place insult here).
by the eNeME February 08, 2008
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(n) One who threatens to roundhouse kick orphans when people post things on the internet about him.

(v) The act of roundhouse kicking an orphan in the face.
1. I just Arcane Beasted the shit out of that orphan!
2. Ohhhh! That orphan got Arcane Beasted!
by the eNeME February 10, 2008
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